Our Commitment to our Friend’s Well-being

We have worked diligently with registered dietitian Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RDN to ensure our meals and snacks provided here at Midtown Jewish Preschool are nutrient dense and promote and optimize the nourishment, growth and development of our students. Our food also adheres to strict kosher principles. We are proud to serve the highest quality ingredients to our students and also foster culinary exposures and skills throughout our hands-on and educational activities surrounding food.

Every effort has been made to minimize added sugars, focus on complex/whole grains and starches, minimize preservatives, artificial and non-nutritive sweeteners, and use organic products when available. Our offerings emphasize copious fruits and vegetables, legumes, lean proteins, unsweetened/unflavored dairy, seeds, complex starches, omega3 fats, and spices in creative and tasty ways to diversify our students’ intake and expose them to as many different sources of nutrition as possible. We also are proud to offer omnipresent alternatives to meals should a child not be amenable to a certain meal or snack. We also operate a weight-neutral and body positive nutrition philosophy to remove any stigma, shame, disordered eating patterns and behaviors, or stigmatizing morality surrounding food and to help develop our students into competent, healthy eaters with positive and empowering relationships towards food and their bodies. Our dietitian’s educational programming for faculty, students, and parents supports these endeavors.